About Harambee


Our History

Established in 1982 as a “family based” community organisation to relieve need, advance cultural understanding, promote social inclusion, help homeless and disaffected persons especially in the Black community, through positive support and information. A
registered charity, no: 24465R, (C &CBS Act 2014) Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.
In 1984 to 2000, excellent hostel and support services were provided for homeless young people from families of all communities, by dedicated volunteers and paid staff with much success.
In 1990, HHA received an Award for “Services to Young People” and again in 1993, an Award for “Contributions to the Community”.
In 1998 the Creative Connection Group” was developed, led by some of HHA dedicated volunteers. The Group offered 12 weekly taster workshops for Black excluded, disaffected and career uncertain Black youngsters, of which there were many. The Group was overtaken by its success. HHA’s excellent work continued by others.
With regret, the Homeless Hostel had to close due to lack of adequate financial support.
For four years the Organisation provided free Summer outings to Blackpool for families with school age children. For over 20 years HHA provided housing accommodation for families. Some tenants have been with us for more than 10 years, our ‘Landlord / Tenant relationship have been very good. With our new flats in the making, single persons and small families can be catered for.
A programme for “After School and Child Activities Club” for younger children, met every Thursday afternoons and ran for a year, self-funded and in partnership with Barnardo’s.
A Community Organisation need to respond to community needs where possible. The elders in our community need positive things doing with them and for them, to make them feel happy in their twilight years.
HHA spare-headed ‘Afternoon Tea Parties’ at a Town centre Restaurant and Out of Town Shopping. Those activities went well until the present pandemic curtailed those activities. However, online contacts are developing. See HHA’s Face book page –while still working in partnership with MHA under the banner of Huddersfield Connections.
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The Objects of the Association shall be to relieve need, combat social exclusion and advance education among both its members and vulnerable persons who are resident in the Metropolitan District of Kirklees by:
(a) Providing housing accommodation / information.
(b) Sign posting to counselling services where and when required; assist in the better understanding of the problems faced by individuals.
(c) Holding meetings, lectures & classes, or facilitate these, which will be of meaning and interest to members and others in the community.
(d) Providing information and support within its remit in order to improve the conditions of life of persons who may be unemployed, homeless or underprivileged and information as required by members.
(e) The advancement of members’ cultural, social and educational development in conjunction with others.
(f) The development, facilitation and promotion of projects and services of a community, social and / or educational nature with the object of improving the conditions of life for children and young people.
The Association shall have power to do all things necessary or expedient for the fulfilment of its OBJECTS.

Why not become a member of our Team / Group and make your presence felt? Join as a participant or as a volunteer, supporting, leading and sharing your excellent ideas with us. See new places, make new friends and bring a smile to your face.
Please ring the Secretary, Audrey on Tel: 07947 309 542. For further information.