Social Book Club

Our social book club started up during the pandemic and we are on our second book. The group celebrates Black-Caribbean writers but is also a great place to meet up with friends and have a chat.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to be part of the social book club and we will provide a copy of the book we are reading each time.

Who runs the group?

Pauline Hanson-Gilman
Tel: 07888 848894

When does it meet?

The group meets fortnightly on a Thursday at 2.00pm for an hour.

Meeting dates 2021

August 5th 19th
September 2nd 16th 30th
October 14th 28th
November 11th 25th
December 9th 23rd


The group is currently meeting online using Zoom. If you want to join please contact Pauline who will send you the link.

What we are reading now

The Child Bride
By Jennifer Smith Turner

In the segregated South of the mid-1900s, fourteen-year-old Nell bears witness to a world that embraces the oppression of women. She is fascinated with the prospect of being an independent person—but when she turns sixteen, she is married off and brought to the city of Boston as a bride

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